Hey, this is me.

I'm a UI Designer & Software Developer focused on creating a more connected, easier to use world.

Who am I?

TL;DR : "CS grad, A Developer with UX skills".

Hey there! I'm a software engineer passionate about creating amazing web and mobile experiences. With over a year of experience in the field, I've already made significant contributions to the industry.

In just four months of starting my work experience, I successfully released four major app updates on Google Play. Impressive, right? But there's more to me than just coding.

I'm also a self-taught designer. I've dived into the world of UI/UX, attending workshops, reading blogs, and even completing design certifications. Understanding why and how people use things fascinates me, and I strive to create memorable experiences based on that knowledge.

I've turned my childhood "breaking" habit into a professional skill of dismantling things with a purpose! Understanding the inner workings and user experiences allows me to create memorable and enjoyable products. It's like being a super detective in the world of technology!

So, rest assured, I won't be breaking your favorite coffee mug or the company's servers. Instead, I'll be breaking down barriers and crafting exceptional experiences for users. Let's create something amazing together!

Now, let's get to know the personal side of me. I absolutely love traveling, and like anyone my age, I'm a big food lover. Exploring new places and trying different cuisines brings me immense joy and inspiration.

Besides my professional and culinary adventures, I'm always eager to learn new things. I'm motivated by individuals who fearlessly share their ideas with the world. Connecting with such people and expanding my knowledge is an incredible journey.

When I'm not coding or designing, you'll likely find me in the kitchen, experimenting with various dishes. Currently, I'm obsessed with perfecting the art of making classic Indian recipes. Malai kofta is my current culinary conquest!.

I often find myself traveling and like anyone else my age, I'm a self-proclaimed foodie.

Let's talk sports for a moment. I absolutely love football, or as some call it, soccer. My favorite player is Lionel Messi, and his amazing skills on the field never fail to amaze me.

As you may know, Making new friends is something I'm good at, so let's connect and chat over a good cup of coffee. Feel free to reach out or even recommend a coffee shop you love.


JavaScript Kotlin HTML5 CSS UI/UX Design Android Development Firebase React Angular Git GitHub Prototyping Wireframes Research Team handling Communication Presentation Skills Problem Solving Empathy


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