Hey, this is me.

I’m a UI/UX Designer and Developer focused on creating a more connected, easier to use world.

Who am I?

TL;DR : "CS grad, A Developer with UX skills".

Web, and Mobile Dev; Successfully released 4+ major app releases to Google Play, within 6 months of starting my work experience. I’m a self-taught designer and have learned a lot of the processes, concepts, and theories of UI/UX through attending workshops, reading blogs, completing the design certifications.

One quality that has remained in me from childhood despite being handsome is that I love breaking things which is now dismantling or reverse-engineering things to understand why and how people use these things and furthering those experiences to make them memorable.

I often find myself traveling and like anyone else my age, I'm a self-proclaimed foodie.

I'm constantly learning new things every day and love meeting people who are motivated and unafraid of sharing their ideas with the world.

When I’m not coding or designing, I’m cooking anything and everything! Currently fascinated with classic Indian recipes and I am working to perfect malai kofta :)

I love Football/Soccer too and Lionel Messi is my favorite player so if you don’t like him. Then, my friend, I’m sorry we can’t be friends :(

But wait! I called you “friend” already. Welcome to the inception of Friends!

No? Well, better luck next time. As you may know, I love to talk and make new friends(not in this way for sure).

I also like collaborating and chatting over a good cup of coffee, so get in touch or recommend a coffee shop.


JavaScript JAVA Kotlin HTML5 CSS UI/UX Design Android Development Firebase React Angular Git GitHub Prototyping Wireframes Research Team handling Communication Presentation Skills Problem Solving Empathy


VS Code InteliiJ Android Studio Figma FigJam XD